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Adaptation in our class

As every year the month of September belongs to the process of slow but harmonic adaptation. After the summer holidays we are welcoming new children together. The process of adaptation is often challenging for children. They cope with separation from their parents, with daily plan in nursery school. They are learning how to be part of group of kids.

We want to children feel comfortable and safe with us, so it is the reason why we are trying to make the process of adaptation as easy as we can.

We use an individual approach, get acquainted with class rituals, set a regular daily schedule and repeat it on a picture. Children create class agreements and rules together. We play games supporting the development of social and cooperative skills.

Finally, we would like to thank all parents for their cooperation with the morning rituals.



Bc. Veronika Hanušová

Mateřská škola Family, Brno, Mazourova 2
Fakultní škola Pedagogické fakulty Masarykovy univerzity Brno

tel.: 548 129 534, e-mail: info@msfamily.cz, datová schránka: zctpd3e, IČO: 60 555 131, bankovní spojení: 117239621/0100


Aktualizace 18.09.2020